Category 5E 25 Pair Hydra Multi Leg Telco Assemblies

CAT5E 25 Pair Hydra Assembly Features:

  • Features:
    • CAT5E Powersum 25 Pair, UTP cable.
    • Systimax 50 position 525 connectors.
    • Lucent/Avaya machine terminated on 525 connectors.Made in the USA
    • RJ45, RJ11 or RJ12 plugs on individual legs.
    • Mesh sleeving over individual legs for protection.
    • Custom breakout lengths.
    • 90°, 110° and 180° hoods available.
    • Fully BAA and TAA compliant.
    • Made in the USA
    • 100% tested and backed by a lifetime warranty.
    • Plenum jacket available.
    • Available in custom lengths

CAT5E Hydra Cable
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Hydra Part Number Matrix
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