HDMI ( High Definition Multimedia Interface ) is the first industry supported, uncompressed, all digital audio/video connection. HDMI provides an interface between audio/video sources, such as a set top box, DVD player and A/V receivers to HDTV displays. Lynn Electronics stocks a full line of HDMI v1.4 with ethernet cables.

HDMI Adapters and Wall Plates

  • Features:
    • Gold plated connector, pins and ground connections.
    • RoHS Compliant.
    • Lifetime Warranty.

HDMIMM HDMI Male to Male Gender Changer
HDMI Adapters
HDMIMF HDMI Male to Female Gender Changer
HDMIFF HDMI Female to Female Gender Changer
HDMIMF360 HDMI Male to Female 360° Swivel Adapter
HDMIMF90 HDMI Male to Female 90° Right Angle Adapter
HDMI1P 1 Port HDMI Wall Plate
HDMI2P 2 Port HDMI Wall Plate
HDMIMDVIF HDMI Male to DVI Female Adapter
HDMIFDVIM HDMI Female to DVI Male Adapter
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