Digital Visual Interface (DVI) Cables were developed in order to standardize on a connector interface for the transfer of digital video content. DVI Connections are found primarily in the PC industry used on higher end graphics cards and displays. The DVI interface was designed to transmit uncompressed digital video signals.

DVI Adapters

  • Features:
    • TMDS (Transition Minimized Differential Signaling) high speed serial link.
    • Higher bandwidth than VGA.
    • Plug and play through hot plug detection, EDID and DDC.
    • Gold plated contacts.
    • RoHS Compliant.

Digital DVI Male to Male Cable
DVIFF DVI Female to Female Gender Changer
DVIAMVGAF DVI-A Analog Male to VGA HD15 Female Adapter
DVIAFVGAM DVI-A Analog Female to VGA HD15 Male Adapter
HDMIMDVIF HDMI Male to DVI Female Adapter
HDMIFDVIM HDMI Female to DVI Male Adapter
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